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Rue Mayweather resides in Dallas Texas.
She is first and foremost a Christian, Mother, and MiMi. 

Rue can still say after 30 years that every parent should have a child like her Son.
Rue Mayweather graduated from Dallas Baptist University and holds a postgraduate degree in Management in Engineering and Technology from Amberton University. She is a graduate of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas (Red Team)  University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies (UFMCS).

Rue is a military veteran, she served thirty years in the United States Army and is a graduate of the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA). Rue retired with the rank of Command Sergeant Major (CSM).

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No life is without trials, tribulations, or struggles. How we perceive each of these enables how we will respond. No Gold at the End of the Rainbow is a story of true love, God's love, family, murder, domestic violence, mental illness, and an introduction to cocaine, homosexuality, and those who chose not to look for the gold at the end of the rainbow


Confinement Chronicles

Angie BEE


I was first introduced to Rue Mayweather through a Facebook friend: this friend had previously worked with Sister Mayweather on a book collaboration and she thought that my new audiobook project would benefit from having a contribution from her, as well. Sister Mayweather contacted me, and we became Facebook friends. I scrolled through her timeline posts: I learned that she had served our country in the Army and in the Reserves, she was a fellow author, a Christian and a Mother; just like me.
What I didn’t know was that Rue Mayweather is a BEAST at the written word! Her task for our audiobook collaboration project entitled "Confinement Chronicles - How God Got Me Over the Curve" was to write a chapter inspired by God, and email it to us. Well, one evening my phone rang: the voice at the other end timidly asked:
"Is this Angie?" My enthusiastic reply was: "Yes, This is Angie BEE!" The voice proceeded to tell me that she was indeed Rue Mayweather, and she offered me a question. She said, "Angie BEE, you asked me to write a chapter, correct?" My response was, "Yes, a simple chapter that was inspired by God; a chapter that shares an encouraging testimony birthed from the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic”. Evangelist Angie Bee, Award Winning Author


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”There is always some beauty in life. Look up … and get on with it. Build you a rainbow. Do it yourself! If you can’t do that, build your mind near one. Learn how to fly. Then … soar a little.”

By Author J. California Cooper from

“ Some Love, Some Pain, SomeTime”

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